Parenting Tips for Teen Boys

Teen boys can be a real handful. Here are some parenting techniques to help you keep your teen out of trouble and on the road to success.

Create Structure

Teen boys need more structure than girls. They are more likely to go wandering off, put themselves in potentially dangerous situations, get angry and rebel. By creating structure in their lives, such as setting your teen’s curfew, you can help you keep your son safe and your mind at ease.

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Keep It Short and Simple

Boys interpret things said to them differently than girls do and respond better to short and simple communication. Using other senses, such as touching his shoulder and maintaining eye contact while talking to your teen, will help him focus on the message you are sharing. If the message is important or highly detailed, ask him to repeat it back to you to ensure he heard and understood it all.

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Teach Responsibility

Teenage boys often feel powerless, but having responsibility can give them the extra boost of confidence they need. Teach your son that he has the ability to make positive change and exert some power by behaving responsibly. It is important to remember that power, privilege and responsibility are a package deal and without one, he risks losing the other two.

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Be A Role Model

Your teen will adopt your behaviors and traits without either of you realizing it, so don’t forget to be the kind of person you want your teen to look up to. The best form of teaching is to practice the lessons yourself.

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