How Being Outside Can Really Benefit Your Kids

You’ve been stuck inside at your desk all day, finishing up your work, when finally you get to step outside. There’s that breath of fresh air and clean oxygen, the scent of trees and maybe even the ocean. But what about your kids? Do they really need to spend time outside? Actually, there are many benefits to being outside for your kids. Here are some of them.

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1. Helps to Destress

Nature and trees help to reduce stress levels, studies suggest. Therefore, if your child is experiencing a significant change or new pressure in their life, encourage them to step outside for a breath of fresh air and to connect with nature. This could be just what they need to lower their stress.

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2. Increase Fitness Levels

Playing outside naturally leads to your kids being active. As a result, being outside can boost your kids’ fitness levels, which can lead to better health, focus, memory capacity and mood.

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3. Provides Vitamin D

Spending time outside can raise your child’s Vitamin D levels which can lead to protection from bone problems, heart disease, diabetes and other health struggles.

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4. Boosts Creativity

Being outside takes away from the constant distractions of a busy lifestyle and overbearing technology. As a result, kids have the opportunity to be creative. Remember when you used to build forts or create worlds solely with your imagination? This is all accessible to your own kids when they explore the great outdoors.

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