5 Must-Read Op-Eds About Mental Health

Reading op-eds is a great way to become more informed about various perspective on issues, and mental health is no exception. To learn more about other people’s experiences of mental health and how we can support those we love, here are some articles worth checking out.

Looking to become more informed about the contemporary consensus on mental health issues? Here are 5 must-read op-ed pieces.

1. ‘Redefining Mental Illness’

This piece by T. M. Luhrmann for the New York Times talks about the recent shift in mental health diagnoses from considering purely biological factors to evaluating social influences too. The article goes on to discuss how this affects recent approaches to treatment.

2. “Changing How We Talk About Mental Illness”

This Seattle Times piece by Alan Taylor considers how topics of mental health are usually discussed in catastrophic, political and violent ways in the media. Instead, he suggests that we need to talk about how mental health issues affect individuals on a day to day basis in order to foster lasting change.

3. “For Mental Health, Social Media Removes the Silence”

Posted on Live Science, this article by Brian Dyak and Carolyn Lukensmeyer discusses how social media platforms open up conversations around mental health, especially with youth. He explains how young people tend to prefer to seek help online or through a text-based method than through face-to-face interactions.

4. “Moving Forward on Mental Health”

This op-ed by Paul Tonko featured on The Hill emphasizes the need to find ways to address mental health issues before they reach a state of crisis. He goes on to demand reform within the mental health care system.

5. “Physical and Mental Health Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle”

Written by Anna Most for The Morning Sun, this piece outlines the connection between physical health and well-being and mental health and well-being. The writer advocates for exercise and a balanced diet to keep you happy, healthy and wise.