On The Move: How to Get a Good Start at a New School

There are many different situations that require a change in schools—moving to a new town, graduating middle school or high school, or transferring schools for a program change. Here are some ways to get a good start at a new school, no matter the reason that brings you to the front doors.

Visit the School

Before your first day of class at your new school, take a short visit to walk the halls and see where your classes will be. Meet your teachers and introduce yourself—this will rid of some nerves on the first day.

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Find a Buddy

People are more welcoming than you may think, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to your new lab partner or someone who’s in a bunch of the same classes as you. If you’re all freshman, you have nothing to worry about—everyone is in the same boat!

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Be Patient

Even if you open yourself up to new opportunities, it may take some time to make new friends. Don’t be discouraged. Just keep a smile on your face and don’t hesitate to chat to your neighbor—you’ll have a great group of friends soon.

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Join a Team

Lots of schools have tons of teams and clubs you can join, so don’t hesitate to put your name on the sign-up sheet. This is a great way to meet new friends that are interested in the same activities as you, all while getting in some exercise and fun.

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Keep Studying

When you change schools, you might feel pressure to make a bunch of new friends, but don’t forget about your studies—that is why you’re there after all. Stick to your assignments and studying and friends will come your way. Try starting a study group to meet new people or have some classmates over to work on a project together.

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