How to Motivate Your Teen to Stay Active

In the past three decades, the number of obese teens in America has more than doubled, and 12.5 million children face weight problems. This also puts overweight teens at a much greater risk of becoming overweight adults. That said, a healthy and active lifestyle can prevent your teen from becoming another statistic.

Find an Active Sport They Love

There’s no better way to get your teen active than to find something they love, whether it’s running, gymnastics, dance or a team sport. The more passionate they are about a hobby, the more likely they are to participate in it and make it a regular part of their schedule.

Boy Playing Ice Hockey - Teen Rehab Photo by Jamie McCaffrey

Build Their Confidence

A lot of teens are reluctant to start exercising or join a team because they have low self-confidence. Remind them how great they will feel being active and part of a team and community—not to mention improving their health and overall well-being.

Girl Swimmer - Teen Rehab Photo by Chris Hunkeler

Be a Role Model

Get the family out of the house during the weekend for a hike or bike ride. Not only will your encouragement as a parent motivate your teen to be active, but it will also let them know that being active is important to you and a part of your lifestyle. Knowing that, they are more likely to adopt it into their daily routine.


Family Biking - Teen Rehab

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Keep the Focus on Fun

Encourage your teen to join a team or start a new sport because they enjoy it, not because it will help them get into college or look good on paper. Make sure they sign up for something because they genuinely want to try it and not because of any social pressures.

Girls Basketball Team - Teen Rehab

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Be With Friends

Being active doesn’t need to be sports or team-based. If your teen has friends over, suggest they go shoot hoops in the driveway or ride their bikes to the movies. There are endless ways to incorporate physical activity into daily routines.

Cheerleaders Hanging Out - Teen RehabPhoto by Marion Doss


Feature Image:  by skeeze