9 Examples of Mental Illness in Hollywood

Demi Lovato

This teen star made headlines in 2010 and 2011 when she checked in to rehab for eating disorders, depression and bipolar disorder.

Demi Lovato - Teen Rehab Photo by www.fanpop.com

Jim Carrey

This comedian and actor has admitted to taking Prozac to deal with his chronic depression.

Jim Carrey - Teen Rehab Photo by nonu | photography

Jon Hamm

The Mad Men heartthrob struggled with chronic depression in 2010 after the death of his father. He regained control with the help of treatment, therapy and medication.

Jon Hamm - Teen Rehab Photo by Luck the Lady

Michael Phelps

The Olympic swimming champion was diagnosed with ADHD at age 9 and was able to focus his efforts through medication and behavior therapy treatments.

Michael Phelps - Teen Rehab Photo by cliff1066™

Lindsay Lohan

This starlet has had her share of headlines in the past, living with substance abuse and eating disorders.

Lindsay Lohan - Teen Rehab Photo by www.fanpop.com

Amanda Bynes

This young star took to social media to declare she lives with bipolar disorder and is currently undergoing treatment.

Amanda Bynes - Teen Rehab Photo by condoungtolua

Britney Spears

The tabloids saw this pop sensation through her worst periods, but she is now living a balanced life coping with depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety.

Britney Spears - Teen Rehab Photo by petercruise

Charlie Sheen

The comedian and actor has had troubles since his teenage years, but wasn’t diagnosed with bipolar disorder until after a public unravelling a few years ago.

Charlie Sheen - Teen RehabPhoto by David Zellaby

Rob Kardashian

The only son in a house full of socialite sisters, Rob Kardashian has come out to say he is living with depression.

Rob Kardashian - Teen Rehab Photo by www.businessinsider.com


Feature Image: Shinya Suzuki