Meditation 101: How to Teach Teenagers to Meditate and Be Mindful

Practice regularly

 Get in the habit of meditating at the same time every week or every day. That way, it will become more of a habit and you’ll find the practice easier.
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Focus on breathing

Meditation begins and end with the breath. It may seem impossible to your teen to sit in silence, avoiding thoughts, but just remind them it all starts with the breath.

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Explain the benefits

Your teen is going to want to know what’s in it for them, so teach them the benefits of meditation. These include improved concentration, more energy and positivity. When they’re inspired, they’ll be more likely to follow the practice.

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Practice what you preach

Be mindful yourself! Your teen is more likely to practice meditation and mindfulness if they see you doing it and being successful.

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Use tech

There are many meditation-related apps teens can download onto their smartphones to help them with their mindful practice. It may seem ironic to use a smartphone when trying to disconnect, but an engaging app may be what your teen needs to get motivated and keep track of their progress.

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