Medication-Free Depression Treatments

Medication is only one way to help treat depression. Even if you are on medication, it is best to pair it with other forms of treatment to reap the most benefits.


A regular meditation practice helps a person calm the mind and learn to live in the present moment. Research shows that people with depression who practice meditation are 64 percent less likely to relapse, and were three times more likely to avoid depression in the following year (so long as they continued their mindfulness practice).

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Yoga is a great form of exercise for people with depression. The practice uses poses to help focus on the breath, which in turn calms the body and mind and helps release tension and pent up emotions. Yoga often includes meditation and requires a person to be mindful and present, helping them stay focused on the present moment and not stress about the past or future.

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Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. Counseling is a recommended form of therapy to aid with depression because it offers an outlet for the patient. It can be difficult for some people to turn to a friend or family member about their depression, but counseling offers confidentiality and non judgement, allowing a patient to express their emotions and receive advice.

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Being active helps us let off steam and push through stress. Our body releases endorphins when we exercise, giving us a high that makes us feel good. Treating your body right will also help you to get out of a funk, surround yourself with positive people and do something great for yourself.

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Healthy Eating

Healthy eating goes hand-in-hand with exercising—if we treat our bodies and minds right, they will be good back to us. Filling our bodies with nutritious foods will not only make our bodies healthier, but our minds will benefit as well. Your mind needs nutrients just like the rest of the body, so don’t forget to give it some love in the form of a well-balanced meal.

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