Why You Should Let Your Teen Take Charge of Their Health

Parents won’t always be around to make their kids’ doctor’s appointments, pack their lunches and drive them to soccer practice, so it’s important for your teens to learn how to take charge of their health while they still have your parental guidance.


Taking control of their health will teach your teen independence and boost their self-esteem. Letting them make his own decisions will teach them what ways work best and how to be responsible. If your teen needs help, you will be there to support them. Being independent doesn’t mean we can’t ask for help every now and then!

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Making lunches, preparing meals and finding their own way to practice these skills teaches teens responsibility. When left to their own devices, your teen will learn to set goals, communicate and prioritize their health.

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Healthy Choices

Teens need to learn how to take care of themselves before they leave home for college, work or travel. Letting them make decisions on their own while you’re still around will let you provide positive reinforcements for their decisions and give input when needed. Start by having them make their own lunches or cooking family dinner one night a week. The hands-on experience will teach them good, healthy choices.

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There is only so much education can do to get a message across. Parents and teachers can talk to teens about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, and the importance of living a healthy life. However, there comes a point when a teen needs to have these real-life experiences and make the right decisions for themselves.

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