Learning from Mistakes: How to Move On

We all make mistakes. You’ve probably heard that phrase from someone trying to console you after you’ve made a mistake of your own. Mistakes can leave us feeling guilty, upset, sad, defeated or frustrated. But there is a lot to be learned from our imperfections—we just need to find a way to get past the wall of negativity and move on.

Don’t Dwell

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It’s easy to fall into a dark hole after making a big mistake—or even a small one. But that dark road is not one we want to go down because it can be more difficult trying to find your way back than it would be to deal with the shame of your mistake in the first place. Instead of dwelling on your feelings, acknowledge them and remember that it’s ok to feel whatever you’re feeling.

You’re Still A Good Person

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We can get down on ourselves for making a mistake, but just because you slipped up doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Remind yourself that you’re still a good person, but with a new lesson under your belt.

Identify Feelings of Regret

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Regret is what we feel when we blame ourselves for something that happened, and it’s a normal feeling to have post-mistake. Know when you’re feeling regret and acknowledge those feelings in a find that works for you—recognize it, sit with it, meditate on it or write about it.

Where Does Regret Come From?

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Once you’ve sat with your feelings of regret and acknowledged them, dig a little deeper to find where your regret stems from. What was it about the mistake you made that made you feel this way? It may take some time to figure things out, but once you do, write them down so you remember for next time and can move on.

Feature Image: Daniel Simpson