My Kids Never Seem to Get Along: How to Calm Sibling Rivalries

It’s natural for siblings to fight, but some fight a lot more than others. If the quarrels in your house are escalating, you may want to consider stepping in and taking action. Here are some tips to help calm sibling rivalries.

Teach Respect With Respect

As the golden rule goes, one should treat others how they want themselves treated. Being the figure of authority, ensure that you are respectful towards others, both in and out of the home. Kids mimic adults, so show them how it’s done—with respect and kindness.

Family Time

Set aside an evening or a weekend afternoon for family bonding. Plan a fun activity to do together—and even try to get them to agree on an activity so everyone will be happy participating in it.

Resolve Conflicts

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons why your kids start squabbling. If they’re fighting with each other, try to approach them individually to figure out what the problem is, then get them together to solve the issue at hand. This will teach them how to problem solve and to find a solution instead of bickering and letting tensions die out after a few days.

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Set Rules

If fighting is a regular activity between your kids, set rules and consequences. Let them know they will be punished if they fight—you can keep track of their fighting on a board or calendar so they can see just how often they are bickering.

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