Keep Your Kid Safe on the Road with These Tips

Driving is a big responsibility. Regardless of whether they’re driving five minutes to school or planning a road trip, we want our kids to be prepared whenever they’re behind the wheel. Here are some ways to ensure that your kid is safe on the road.

No Texting

Texting and Driving - Teen Rehab

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Talk to your teen about the dangers of using their phone while driving. Most importantly, make sure they fully understand the consequences of texting behind the wheel—they’re putting their life and the lives of others at stake, as well as risking being pulled over by the cops and getting ticketed or losing their license.

Safe Ride

Hood Popped, Teen & Dad - Teen Rehab

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Whether you’re helping your teen pay for their first car or they’ve saved up enough to buy their own, make sure they are getting a safe vehicle. If money is tight, it’s going to take extra time and patience to find a car that is up to safety standards, but it will be worth the effort in the end.

Follow the Rules

Seatbelt - Teen Rehab

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Teens often want to break the rules, but there are some rules that are in place for a good reason, such as the rules of the road. Talk to your teen about safety regulations (including wearing a seatbelt and following the speed limits) and make sure they understand why those rules are in place and the importance of following said rules.

Emergency Road Kit

Trunk Safety Kit - Teen Rehab

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Prepare an emergency road kit for your teen to keep in their car. Emergency road kits often contain granola bars, matches, gloves, bottled water and other necessities one might need in case of an emergency, whether they’re trapped inside the car during a snowstorm, or have busted a tire and ended up on the side of the road for a few hours.