How to Set Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

The clock strikes midnight and a new year begins. It’s a clean slate: an opportunity to start fresh, set new goals and try new things. Unfortunately, this new beginning can sometimes be daunting, and it can be difficult to keep these ambitious goals throughout the year. So how can you be sure to set manageable, realistic goals for 2016? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Start Small

It can be tempting, when setting out plans for the upcoming year, to envision a whole new version of yourself. While big goals might seem exciting at first, they can quickly become extremely daunting and hard to hold onto. So, with your larger goal in mind, it’s better to pick something realistic. If you want to get fit, start by running once a week or aim to take a walk every day. These are still excellent goals and can help you work towards your larger ambitions.

Break it Down

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Once you’ve established these small, manageable goals, break it down so that you have a full understanding of the process by which you can achieve it. When will working on this resolution fit into your schedule? Are there any tools or supplies you might need? Understanding the full scope of your New Year’s resolution at the beginning will help to eliminate unforeseen barriers or complications down the road.

Set Goals that Work for YOU

When you’re setting your new years resolutions it’s important to remember that they are your resolutions! What changes do you need to make in your life? What goals would be healthy for you? While striving to make positive changes is great, one way you can ensure this stays realistic is to consider all aspects of your life and understand how your resolutions might affect your time, energy, finances or friendships.

Write it Down and Talk it Out

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One of the best ways to help ensure you stick to your New Year’s resolutions is to put pen to paper. In fact, studies suggest that writing down goals helps to increase your likelihood of success. It also helps you to understand your vision and focus and think through the entire process. Talking out your goal with others will help you be more accountable to reaching it too.

Get Support

The other benefit of sharing your New Year’s resolutions with others is that you can get help and support. Perhaps someone can offer you tips or even just words of encouragement. Regardless, it’s great to ask others for help because you don’t have to feel alone when setting out to achieve your resolutions. Your friends and family can help cheer you on!

Don’t Get Discouraged

Change can be difficult, especially when we are used to living or behaving in a certain way. As a result, it’s normal to experience some difficulties or setbacks. If these crop up, avoid being too harsh with yourself or giving up. If you fall short on your goal at some point, pick yourself back up and try again; the important thing is that you’re striving to make positive changes in your life.

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