How to Help Teens Learn to Focus

There are so many distractions for teens these days. There are TV screens, phones, computers, friends, extracurriculars, school—the list goes on. How do you help your teen develop positive strategies so that they can focus better on tasks at hand? Here are some tips on how you can support them.


Understand What Your Teen Should Focus On

There are many areas that your teen can focus on, and getting to the root of where they need to improve is helpful. Do they need to focus more in school or when doing homework? Should they focus more on family and friends? Are their goals scattered and would it be beneficial for them to focus on their future? Find out where your teen needs to channel their energy so that they can set tangible, realistic goals.


Make a Distraction Free Homework Zone

If your teen needs to focus more on their homework, lend them a hand by crafting a distraction free homework zone. Make this a “no screens allowed” area and ensure that they have all the supplies at hand that they will need to complete assignments. Encourage them to pick regular times each day that are designated for homework, as a routine will help them to anticipate when it’s time to work.



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Create Opportunities for Mindfulness

Sometimes, all we need to add a little focus to our daily lives is to practice living in the here and now. Help your teen appreciate the benefit of focusing on a moment that they are in, rather than planning or worrying about what’s happened in the past or will happen in the future. Encourage your teen to be mindful about the decisions they make and to be considerate as they reflect on their achievements.


Set Small, Smart and Tangible Goals

No matter how your teen needs to focus, setting goals is a positive way to break this down into manageable steps. For example, does your teen have a large project coming up? Help them to make a list of what they need to do and set goals for when they should complete these small steps. Be sure to also include moments of celebration when something is completed. While learning to focus better can take effort, your teen should also learn to be proud of their accomplishments!
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