How Martial Arts Help Teens

As teens go through their adolescent phase, they experience many changes. Not only are their bodies changing, but they are also learning more about themselves while combating the stresses of school and social circles. Participating in extracurricular activities can be a great way to channel that stress and achieve greater balance in a teen’s life. For example, martial arts are part of a traditional system of training one’s mind, body and spirit to interact as one, and they provide teens with fitness and emotional grounding. Here are other ways in which participating in martial arts can benefit teens.

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Boosts Confidence

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In martial arts, students aren’t separated by gender and all are treated equally. This gives teens a sense of empowerment, confidence and collaboration around members of the opposite sex.

Improves Self-Control

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Martial arts help teens to instill focus within themselves as they practice. They are also taught to approach a task and see it through to completion. As a result, they begin to grow in self-control.

Increases Discipline

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Instructors are caring, but also tough on students. They will teach students to persevere and believe in themselves, even when there are obstacles in the way. Instead of taking the easy way out, students will learn to be more disciplined.

Is a Great Workout

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Martial arts are a physical activity, and they improve strength, flexibility and are a great cardio workout. Through committed participation, your teen’s fitness level will improve and they will gain newfound self-confidence in their abilities.

Builds Respect

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Martial arts help teens build respect for others, including their instructors, peers, and for themselves. Through training, students learn how their actions affect others.

Cultivates Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

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As a practice, martial arts connects the body to the mind and the spirit. As a result, teens will learn to cultivate self-awareness and mindfulness as they participate.

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