How to Help Yourself While You’re Teen is in Rehab

Treatment for substance and mental disorders can be very taxing on a family and it’s important that you have support while your teen or loved one is undergoing treatment.

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Be patient

Understand that your teen or loved one is going through a process that does not have set deadlines or timelines. They need to take however much time is necessary for them to recover in order to prevent relapse and establish a healthy routine.

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Take care of yourself

You are undertaking a lot of responsibility by supporting your teen as they undergo treatment, but don’t forget to take care of yourself as well. Ask family and friends for help or comfort when needed, and keep up your hobbies, work and exercise.

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Learn about their disorder

The more you understand the disorder your teen is being treated for, the easier it will be for you to provide the support they need.

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Learn about the treatment program

Understanding the style of treatment they are undergoing—whether it be medication, therapy or rehab—will help you deal with the process and provide support.

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Talk to someone

There are counseling services for parents and families of people with substance abuse and mental health disorders. It may be worth talking to a professional, or even a friend, about what’s going on in order to manage stress.

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