How to Help Your Teen After Recovery

Care plans continue on after the completion of a treatment program.

Here are some tips on how you can help your teen after recovery.

Teens Sitting by the Ocean - Teen RehabCreate a Continuing Care Plan

Work with your teen to create a continuing care plan that involves a counsellor or support group, weekly sessions for the first two month, and bi-monthly sessions for the following four months.

Teens Hanging out at the Beach - Teen RehabRegular Check-ups

Take your teen to regular check-ups and drug testing. Check-ups will help determine whether the continuing care plan needs any adjustments.

Doctor Check up - Teen RehabEncourage Them

Be supportive by encouraging your teen to hang out with friends and attend social gatherings where substance use won’t be involved.

Teen Support Holding Hands - Teen RehabFamily Therapy

Attend family therapy sessions to reconnect with your teen after treatment. Therapy can strengthen relationships and help families work through problems.

Family Therapy Session - Teen Rehab

Be Supportive

Above all, let your teen know you are there for them.