5 Activities to Help Moms Bond with Their Son

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As a mother, you want to be close to your children. But as your son grows into a teenager, it can sometimes be hard to know how to relate to him. Finding ways that the two of you can have special, one-on-one time is important, so here are some ideas to get you started.

Mom and Son in Leaves - Teen Rehab

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1. Get Outside

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Most boys—young and old—need to let their energy out in some way or another. Finding outdoor activities that the two of you can do together is a great way to spending time with your son while also encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle. Try going for hikes, riding your bike, skiing in the winter or playing a sport with your son.

2. Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Teen Rehab

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If the weather isn’t great, try challenging your son to a friendly game of laser tag! This is another fun, active option, and a little healthy competition could be really fun for you and your son. Invite some other moms and their sons out for a mothers vs sons round, too.

3. Listen To Their Tunes

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Your son is starting to develop his sense of self, and one significant way that he will express this is through his choice of music. Ask him to share some of his music with you and, if there is some you like, learn how to download it so that you can play it in your car. Your son will appreciate that you are taking an interest in his own interests.

4. Find a Thrill

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Most teenage boys like to feel a sense of thrill from time to time. Letting your guard down and sharing this with him can be a fun way to bond. Go on a roller coaster, try a new downhill ski run, or even experience bungee jumping with your son. He’ll love seeing your reaction and appreciate your bravery for trying something out of your comfort zone. It’ll definitely be a lasting memory that the two of you will share.

5. Teach Him Something New

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As a mother, you definitely have a lot of wisdom you can pass along to your son. Teach him some basic cooking skills, especially for dishes you know he loves. Be there to help him when he’s learning how to drive—a skill he will definitely be grateful to learn. Remember that you can use these opportunities to chat, catch up and share in each other’s days.