4 Ways to Encourage Smart & Healthy Snacking

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Does your teen consistently plow through the food stash in your cupboard and seem to rack up your grocery bill? You might find yourself wondering how your teenager can always be so hungry! Well, they’re growing, and so they need to eat a lot. But that doesn’t mean your teen should be filling up on empty, unhealthy calories. Here are a few ways that you can encourage your teen to snack well.

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1. Stock the Shelves With Healthy Options

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If you want your teens to eat healthy snacks, then it’s a good idea to stock these options in your home. Ditch the chips, cookies and soda, and instead opt for plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If this is their only option, this is what your teens will eat.

2. Do the Prep Work

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Teens are busy, and they will take whatever shortcut they can. Help them out by preparing healthy snack packs like veggies and dip or homemade granola bars. Or, if they have a sweet tooth, make cookies with healthy ingredients or popsicles with plenty of fruit and yogurt. Encourage them to get involved so that they know how to make these things themselves. Providing health options at home takes time, but it’s a positive investment to make in your teen’s overall health and well-being.

3. Teach Healthy Shopping Habits

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Try to take your teen grocery shopping with you whenever you can. It’s important that they learn how to shop by themselves so that they are able to make healthy choices when they’re on their own. Ask them what they think would be a good option, teaching them along the way.

4. Pass the Baton

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From time to time, it’s important to pass the responsibility of meal or snack planning onto your teenso that they have the opportunity to learn. Be there to guide them and give them assistance, but remember that meal planning and cooking are extremely important skills that will support long-term habits of healthy eating.