Teen Rehab’s Ultimate Guide to Addiction

Addiction is an extremely difficult struggle that can have devastating effects on both the addict and the ones that love them. Here at Teen Rehab, we’ve created an ultimate guide to help you understand the basics of addiction, such as the different types, signs and symptoms, risk factors and treatment options.

The Different Types of Addiction

An addiction is formed whenever a habit turns into an obligation. There are many different types of addiction, but most addictions are either behavioral or substance-based.

Behavioral addictions occur when someone desires a “high” from a certain behavior so much that they continue to seek out the behavior, despite experiencing negative consequences such as the inability to work, control finances or have meaningful relationships. Gambling, eating, sex, shopping, video gaming and self-harm are just some of the behaviors that can turn into addictions.

Substance addiction occurs when someone becomes physically and/or psychologically dependent on a substance such as drugs or alcohol regardless of consequence. Alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine, meth and ecstasy are just a few of the substances that can be abused to the point of addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

If you think you or your teen is experiencing an addiction, there are several signs and symptoms to watch for:

  • Constant aches and pains or complaints of not feeling well
  • physical symptoms such as nausea, headaches, muscle pains and sweating
  • Addiction often causes long periods of wakefulness followed by exhaustion, so an addict may seem to never sleep or may be tired all of the time
  • Secretive behavior is also a sign of an addiction, as addicts tend to go to great lengths to hide their addiction and evidence of their behavior

Risk Factors for Addiction

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Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of class, race, gender or age, but there are a few different groups of people who may be more likely to develop an addiction:

Treatment for Addiction

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Addiction can be a very difficult thing to beat, which is why professional treatment is so important. If you’re worried that you or your teen is suffering from an addiction, make an appointment with your doctor. A doctor will be able to recommend a form of treatment that will help your teen, such as dialectical behavioral therapy, medication or talk therapy. If you are worried that your teen’s addiction is out of control, a residential treatment centre may be the best option.

The road from addiction to recovery is a hard one, but addiction can be beaten. If you think that you or your teen may be struggling with an addiction, be sure to reach out for professional help. With proper treatment, addicts can go on to live normal, healthy lives.

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