How Family Therapy Can Help

There are many important aspects to recovering from a mental health condition or addiction, and the support of close family members is one of them. Family therapy is something that can really help your teen and your family as a whole make positive steps in recovery. Here are some things to consider when deciding on the right path for you.

Getting to the Heart of the Problem

One important element to recovery is peeling back layers of symptoms and assumptions to understand triggers and maybe even root causes of mental situations. Oftentimes, family dynamics play a role in how we have developed, both socially and mentally. Therefore, family therapy might help in this discovery, providing a setting where communication is open and everyone’s perspectives can be shared.


Causing Ripple Effects

Living with a mental health diagnosis is hard. Living with someone who has this diagnosis is also hard. Because of this, other family members can be triggered towards mental illness or can develop codependency if the cycles within that family are not addressed. It’s important, therefore, that the needs of all family members are addressed in order to prevent a ripple effect.  Family therapy provides an opportunity for the symptoms of the entire family to be acknowledged so that healing can take place for all members.

Moving Forward

One thing that people in recovery undoubtedly need is to feel supported. Having family members engage in therapy sessions demonstrates this and helps the family work together as a team to develop positive coping strategies. Family therapy also fosters a deeper understanding of each others’ feelings—something which might not be addressed in day to day life. In fact, the most successful recoveries often occur when family members engage in the recovery process and agree to participate in therapy sessions. Some recovery programs might even require a minimum number of family therapy sessions.

If you are interested in pursuing therapy with your family, contact a mental health professional for more information.

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