Encourage Your Teen to Do These 5 Things Every Day

Every day your teen gains a little more independence, which can be both exhilarating and frightening for you as a parent. With your help, you can guide them towards making healthy choices so that both you and your teen are confident moving forward. Here are five things you can encourage them to do every day.

1. Find Goodness

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Some days are hard – really hard. But encourage your teen to find at least one thing each day that brings them joy, makes them smile or is beautiful. Maybe the sunset is amazing. Perhaps a friend was particularly generous. Maybe they conquered a fear. No matter how big or small, finding something good in their day will help your teen learn to live with gratitude.

2. Get Enough Sleep

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We all need to sleep to function well and your teen is certainly no exception. While it might be tempting to pull an all-nighter to complete an assignment or to party with friends, teach your teen the value of sleep and ensure they get the right amount (not too much or too little) every day.

3. Spend Time Outside

Photo by GuideGunnar – Arctic Norway

Spending time outside it good for our souls. It connects us to those around us, helps us to fill our lungs with fresh air, boosts our mood with Vitamin D and open up our perspective. In the age of technology it can be really easy for teens to spend their entire day behind a screen. Encourage your teen to get outside, even for just a quick stroll around the block, every day.

4. Eat Well

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What we eat plays a direct role in how we feel both mentally and physically. Even if their schedule is particularly busy, encourage your teen to eat well daily. Incorporate positive eating habits as a family by making lunches together, teaching your teen how to cook, eating fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods.

5. Laugh

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Encourage your teen to laugh every day. Laugh with their friends at their silly antics. Laugh at themselves when they make a mistake. Laugh at the squabbles they get into with their siblings that seem. Help your teen to not take life too seriously and to enjoy moments as they come.

Feature Image: Unsplash