Encourage Responsibility: Help Your Teen by Asking Them to Help

Showing your child that you trust them and that they are valued will empower them. While you might not want to give them the keys to the family car just yet, shifting some responsibility onto your teen here and there will set them up for success when they need to tackle similar responsibilities in their adult life.

When you give your teens more responsibility, this boosts their confidence and allows them to develop into a mature young adult. Here are a few tasks you can give to your teen to encourage responsibility.

Babysit Younger Siblings

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Looking after younger brothers and sisters teaches your teen to think of others’ needs before their own. Being in charge will also give them a chance to develop their leadership skills and boost their confidence.

Grocery Shopping

Photo by Lukas Budimaier

Take your teen shopping with you. Ask them their opinions on what meals they would like to have and involve them in the planning stage. This will help them learn how much time, money and preparation goes into creating healthy meals for the family. Have fun with it! Grocery shopping can be less of a chore and more of a bonding opportunity for you both.

Cook a Weekly Meal

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Task your teen with cooking for the family once a week. Maybe they could pitch in by cooking dinner on nights that you work late, or by preparing a weekend brunch for everyone. Feeding their family is a tangible way for teenagers to contribute, and it might even be fun for them!

Recycle the Returnables

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Your teen could be responsible for taking the returnables to the recycling depot. Rinsing out sticky bottles builds character. They’ll be learning an environmental practice, and you can let them keep the money they get back for their work as a reward.

Give Directions in the Car

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Heading to a new destination? Put your teen in the passenger seat and ask them to get out a map and guide you there. Being integral to the success of your trip will raise their self-esteem and they’ll pick up some navigational skills to boot.

Do Their Own Taxes

Photo by Wilfred Iven

Does your teen have a part-time job? While filing your taxes may not be a very thrilling experience, it’s something everyone has to learn about sometime. Since they’re a teenager, you child’s return should be fairly simple. Taking responsibility for their own finances will empower your teen, and possible inspire an interest in better managing their money.

Look After a Pet

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Make your teen responsible for feeding or walking the family pet. Caring for another living thing that depends wholly on them will hold your teen very accountable. Enriching the life of an animal they love will be very rewarding for them, too.

Feature Image: Luis Llerena