7 Positive Effects of Yoga in Teens

Many adults find yoga to be great to take them down a path of spiritual and physical enlightenment, but the health benefits for teens are truly continuous and will help them in later years too.

Not only will they gain valuable tools, such as great focus and mindfulness, but they’ll learn to love themselves on a different level as well as develop great core strength and mobility.

Seven Positive Effects of Yoga in Teens

By Teen Rehab


Yoga is not only good for the body, it’s also good for the mind. Here are 7 ways yoga can help teens during treatment.

  • Boosts Immune System & Self Care

    By Teen Rehab

    For a young body that is prone to illness and infection, teens have to do everything they can to fight sickness. Taking up yoga helps keep a teen’s body healthy overall, while exercise helps with immunity and general detoxification.

  • Feeling Connected & Finding One’s Intuition

    By Teen Rehab

    Since yoga is so much about listening to your body’s internal compass and pushing through with ease and grace, teens can develop a connection and trust between themselves and the world around them.

  • Promotes Healthy Body Image

    By Teen Rehab

    Seeing what their body and mind can truly accomplish through a regular yoga practice, teens will develop a self-image that revolves around a more internal perspective (free from outside criticism).

  • Finding Your Happiness

    By Teen Rehab

    Due to hormonal imbalances as well as emotional distress, depression often creeps in during adolescence. Regular yoga practice can increase serotonin levels as well as leave one feeling accomplished.

  • Ability to Concentrate

    By Teen Rehab

    High school and homework requires the ability to concentrate on the task at hand, yet teens live in a world of distractions. Teens will develop practical disciplines with breathing, posing and balance through practicing yoga.

  • Stress Management

    By Teen Rehab

    Since yoga is all about being in the present moment, it can help give teens the tools to focus on one thing at a time (i.e. your breath, your pose) as well as calming the nervous system.

  • Strength & Flexibility

    By Teen Rehab

    Starting at a young age with building a strong core as well as increasing mobility, a teen’s posture and muscle strength will help protect against arthritis and back pain later in life.

Feature image Rob Bertholf