How to Ease the Pain of Moving for Your Teen

Packing up and moving to a new town is stressful and emotionally exhausting. You have a lot on your plate, but as a parent, make sure to spend some time helping your teen transition into their new home.

Talk It Out

Don’t keep secrets from your teen when it comes to moving. Their roots may seem more tangible than adults, but moving does affect everyone in the family. Let your teen know that you’re being interviewed for a job in a new town that would require moving, and make sure you explain why you feel you should take the job, how the move will benefit the family, and so on.

Arrange Visits

If you’re not moving too far away, tell your teen that they won’t have to say goodbye to their friends forever. If possible, propose the idea of taking a bi-annual road trip to your hometown. However, don’t make any promises you can’t keep and let them know that you’re willing to make an effort if they are.

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Exam Arrangements

Sometimes moving days land on the busiest days of the year. If your teen is heading into exam period right around the time you’re supposed to head out of town, make arrangements with a family member or friend to host your teen until their exams are finished.

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Be Understanding

Your teen is going to have a lot of mixed emotions about the move and this isn’t going to end as soon as they call dibs on their new room. Understand that it is going to take some time for your kids to fully settle into their new house, school and social life. Hear them out when they have frustrations and don’t dismiss their feelings as if they don’t matter.

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Keep Living

Don’t put your family’s life on hold just because you’re in a new place. Rebuild routines with new hockey teams, dance troupes, play dates and movie nights. Keeping busy will distract your family from the fact that you’re in a different town and help ease you into your new lives.

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