Teen Rehab Tips: Dealing with Stress at Work

Studies show that teens are becoming increasingly stressed out as a result of their busy schedules. Not only do teens go to school, do homework, socialize, spend time with family and fit in extracurriculars, they may also have part time jobs. The work environment is a big stressor, so here are some tips for dealing with stress at work.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work or get frustrated, stop, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Focusing on your breathing is part of the ancient tradition of meditation—lengthening the inhales and exhales to four beats each helps stabilize the nervous system.

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Get Rest

That four-hour shift is going to feel like 20 hours if you come in exhausted. Make sure you are getting enough sleep to have enough energy to get you through the day. Most teens need eight hours of sleep each night. Try shutting your eyes for a few minutes during your break—but don’t forget to wake up!

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Create A Schedule

It’s just your luck that you have two weekend shifts at work and a big project due on Monday, leaving you worried that there isn’t enough time to finish your homework. Before you head off to your first shift, set a schedule for when you’re going to do your project between and after work shifts. Having a plan of action will reduce your stress level and help you concentrate on your tasks.

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Don’t Be A Doormat

Let’s be honest, high school jobs aren’t the most glamorous, but that doesn’t mean you should let people walk all over you. If you are having troubles with a coworker or a customer, talk to your boss or confront the person in an appropriate manner; This does not mean you should be rude and raise your voice to them, but be polite, firm and stand your ground because you deserve to be respected.

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