Daily Tricks to Relieve Stress

People carry a lot of stress around with them on a daily basis. When you’re trying to manage many different responsibilities at the same time, and your to-do list just keeps growing, it can be difficult to relax.

Stress affects everyone differently. It puts some people on edge and makes them cranky. Others suffer from insomnia and fatigue, or tend to overeat when they’re under a lot of pressure. Prolonged stress is associated with issues in health and development, so do what you can do stay calm, even if you’re in a stressful environment.

Here 7 tricks to help let go of stress in your day-to-day life.


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Stress has a way of occupying your mind and affecting everything that you do. Take some time, maybe in the morning before work or school, and try to empty your mind. It will put you in the right headspace to take on your day. Meditation is great for mental health. Learn how to meditate here.

Avoid Sugar and Caffeine

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Pounding back cups of coffee and sweet treats is one way that stress manifests itself. In reality, eating healthy and avoiding substances like caffeine will make your body feel better, without the side effect of nervous jitters.

Talk to a Friend

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Positive human interaction is a huge stress reliever. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have a quick chat with a friend. You’re guaranteed to feel better after.


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Get moving! It releases endorphins and boosts your mood and energy level. If you have trouble fitting a workout into your day, make a habit out of walking or cycling to work or school.

Laugh Out Loud

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Stress is no match for a good sense of humor. Combat your anxiety by goofing off with a friend or watching a few funny cat videos. Even if you’re not feeling cheerful, the physical acts of smiling and laughing will make you feel better.

Be Present

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Focus is a powerful thing. Take five minutes to focus on something happening here and now—the wind against your face, the steady inhalation and exhalation of your breath. Let whatever’s troubling you melt away as you enjoy the moment.

Listen to Music

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Get some soothing tunes going. Music can have a calming effect, lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety. Put together a playlist of low-key music and nature sounds for days when you’re feeling stressed out.

These are all easy-to-do techniques that you can practice at home, work or school. So don’t let stress get you down! Take that walk, watch that cat video, and start feeling better now.

Feature Image: Ariana Prestes