What To Do If You Catch Your Teen Cheating at School

We all know that cheating is wrong, but apparently most of us will cheat at some point during our academic career. Here are some tips on what to do if you catch your teen cheating at school.

Talk to the Teacher

Be willing to hear out a teacher if they call saying your child was caught cheating. Chances are they are right, even though you don’t want to admit your child is capable of doing such a thing. Listen to what the teacher has to say, what kind of punishment they will administer, and what suggestions they have for punishment and prevention of cheating in the future.

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Talk It Out

If you catch wind your child has been cheating at school, talk to them about it. Ask if there is anything going on that made them do it—was it pressure from another classmate, or lack of studying? Explain why cheating is wrong and is only an easy way out of a tough situation. Work together to find a solution that will keep your teen from writing notes on their arm again.

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Your child should face consequences if they have been caught cheating. It is ultimately up to you to decide what kind of punishment to give (depending on the severity of the situation), but it is worth talking to your teen’s teacher and principal about what the school rules are about cheating in order to balance things out at home.

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Find A Solution

If your teen admits they cheated because they didn’t study enough or were having problems with the course material, make an effort to work with them so they are more comfortable and prepared for their next test. They may be reluctant to work with you in the beginning, but the benefits will be apparent when they get their marks back and they know they earned their grade fair and square.

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