6 Ways to Build Strong Family Bonds

Blood is thicker than water, and family is a lasting bond that can’t be broken. In many ways, it’s the foundation of your children’s relationships. Learning how to build positive and strong family ties is crucial to maintain both yours and your children’s well-being. Here are some tips to ensure your family grows together, both healthily and happily.

Family On Bench - Teen Rehab Photo by Muffet

1. Eat Together

Family Eating Dinner - Teen Rehab Photo by Lars Plougmann

Eating with another person is a significant way to build a sense of belonging, community and companionship. If this is true with others, then it’s certainly true within families too! Make a regular habit of eating a daily meal together as this creates an opportunity for checking in and catching up in spite of busy lives. It also helps to create a regular reminder that family is important.

2. Support Each Other

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Does your daughter have a dance recital coming up or does your son have a big soccer game? Is your wife involved in a local initiative or does your husband have a big presentation he’s preparing for? Be sure to show up to events when possible and show your support for each other. This cultivates compassion for one another and an understanding of each others’ passions and interests. It also demonstrates that you’re all on the same team.

3. Learn Together

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One way that you can really bond together as a family is by learning together. There are always opportunities for growth in daily interactions, whether it’s learning how to communicate better or show care for one another. You can also take this to a more practical level and take a class together or try to learn a new skill. Maybe everyone in your family wants to learn how to snowboard or rock climb! There are new things that you can all try together, which is a significant way to bond.

4. Appreciate Each Other

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Some families are totally in sync with each other and get along without having to put in much effort. Others have members with diverse interests and personalities. Whichever way your family is, it’s important to take the time to learn about each other’s interests and find common ground to bond over.

5. Spend Time Together

Family Walking On Beach - Teen Rehab Photo by Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

This might be an obvious one, but in order to build strong family ties it’s important to spend time together! Make an effort to see extended family members when possible and plan regular family outings or trips.

6. Laugh With Each Other

Family On Playground - Teen Rehab Photo by chinogypsie

We all mistakes and family members are no different. Learn how to laugh at your own mistakes and with each other and this will help your relationships to grow stronger. Have fun, let loose and more laughter will come as a result. Time flies by, so it’s important to create lasting memories with your family.

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