Boredom Can Affect Your Teens: Here’s How

We’ve all felt the occasional pang of boredom – perhaps it’s a slow day at work or our schedule is quiet. Maybe we have no plans or just aren’t sure what we want to do with our day. But ongoing or chronic boredom can actually be quite detrimental, particularly for teens.

Lack of Motivation

Feeling bored on a regular basis can hinder your teen’s energy levels and motivation. This can result in them refusing to engage in activities that might actually interest them, avoiding social events and neglecting responsibilities.

You can help your teen avoid this boredom cycle by encouraging them to participate in activities and by ensuring they go to school. Help your teen find things they are interested and passionate about that will give them an extra energy boost.

Poor Physical Habits

Your teen’s physical well being might be at risk when they are bored. Some teens might choose to eat poorly or eat a lot to relieve boredom. They also might lack the energy to engage in physical activities and get the appropriate exercise that they need.

Try to keep an eye on what your teen eats, even outside of family mealtimes. Encourage the entire family to engage in physical activity like going for hikes, playing a family game of soccer or going to the local pool.

Engaging in Risky Behaviors

On the flip side, teens might try to overcompensate for their boredom by engaging in risky activities. This can include neglecting safety habits when participating in sports, trying drugs, breaking rules or acting out towards others.

Therefore, it’s important to not neglect your teen’s feelings of boredom and to instead help them find healthy ways to combat it.

If you notice that your teen is suffering from chronic boredom, make an extra effort to help them find an activity that they enjoy. 

Feature Image: Julie Edgley