The Best PSAs for Teens to Watch

Part of growing up includes a lot of learning beyond what is taught in schools, such as life lessons on relationships, independence and making wise decisions. PSAs, or Public Service Announcements, are great resources for teens to gain tips or advice on situations they might encounter. Here are some of the best PSAs to show your teen.

The Greatest Save – Sexual Consent

Understanding sexual consent is an extremely important concept for teens to learn, both in how they treat others and the kind of level of respect they seek for themselves in relationships.

Prom – Drunk Driving

Many teens might feel the pressure to drink, especially at big school events like prom. Help your teen understand that there are many risks involved with drinking and they should never, under any circumstance, drive while intoxicated.

Don’t Text and Drive

Another significant danger for teens while driving is texting and driving. Teach your teens to put their phones away while they are behind the wheel.

High School Bullying and Teen Suicide

High school is tough and fitting in can be a challenge. However, putting others down and bullying is never ok and can lead to significant, drastic consequences.

Empty Seat – Knowing the Signs of Suicide

If you do know someone who showing signs of depression and suicide, you can help them get the support they need. This PSA shows you what to look out for.

Child Internet Safety

At any age, it’s important to practice online safety. Children and teens in particular can be targeted by online predators. Teach your teen the importance of internet safety.

Feature Image: Unsplash