How Being Mindful Can Completely Change Your Teen’s Outlook

Today’s teenagers have a lot going on. There are many reasons why they might feel stressed, especially when facing pressures from school, family, friends, social media and even themselves. Practicing mindfulness is an excellent way to cope with these pressures, clear the mind, focus thoughts and make decisions. In other words, practicing mindfulness can change your teen’s outlook on many of the stressors they face every day. Here’s how.

Mindfulness and School Stress

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School is a significant source of stress for teens. Assignments, tests, participation, classroom dynamics and of course grades can all create a certain level of anxiety. When practicing mindfulness, you give yourself a chance to declutter. Thoughts pass through your mind at a slower pace, without being held onto and without judgement. As a result, your teen is able to acquire a better sense of clarity and this clarity can help them develop strategies, set goals for school and ultimately create more reasonable expectations of themselves.

As a result, next time your teen has a major test, perhaps their thoughts won’t race and spiral into worry. Instead, they’ll feel a sense of clarity and focus as they face the task before them.

Mindfulness and Decision Making

Making decisions can be a significant stressor for teens, especially when they’ve got a lot on the go. Trying to figure out how to balance friends, family, school, extracurriculars and much needed alone time can be difficult and can lead to anxiety. Having a clear mind as a result of mindfulness can help your teen think through and make decisions with confidence.

This process helps significantly when problem solving. Some issues seem huge or insurmountable when you’re a teen. This can hinder their ability to come to a solution. Mindfulness helps you accept things as they are and to live in the present moment. These aspects paired with a better decision-making skill set will help your teen not sweat about the small stuff.

Mindfulness and Addressing Conflict

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Teenage friendships can be tumultuous at times and small incidents are often blown out of proportion. Regularly practicing mindfulness can help your teen observe situations as they are and in a more objective way. It also helps them to notice and acknowledge their feelings, rather than be controlled by them. It can also help them better understand and empathize with those they are in conflict.

At the end of the day, mindfulness can benefit your teen as they grow, learn and explore life. It can help them be at peace with themselves and the world around them, bringing a more positive outlook to their life in general.

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