Are Online Depression Quizzes Actually Accurate?

Every once in a while, we stumble across an online quiz that claims it can tell us whether or not we’re depressed, have too much stress in our lives or are genuinely happy. But are these quizzes actually accurate? If you’re taking a quiz online, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Author of the Quiz 

Little scientific research has been done around whether they actually are accurate, but many of the tests have been created by or with psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and other medical professionals. For example, if a test is written by Dr. X and Dr. Y, practicing psychologists, and published through the University they both teach at, then there’s a good chance this test is accurate.

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Hosting Site

When looking for an online quiz to determine your level of depression, make sure to check what website you’re on. The more legitimate the source, the more likely the quiz is accurate. However, if the test doesn’t is found on a random blog, it’s probably not very reliable.

Compare Your Results

You can always take more than one quiz and compare your results. Lots of quizzes are free, short and easy to access, so there’s no harm in doing a couple to see if you’re getting the same results. Be careful of quizzes that charge you before you begin, as they may be a scam.

If your quiz answers tell you that you’re depressed, you should consult your doctor, therapist or a counsellor for specialized help. Even if you didn’t score high on a quiz, you should do the same if you’re feeling depressed or are concerned you have depression. An online quiz cannot diagnose a person with depression—that is the job of a medical professional.

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