Activities to Foster a Positive Sibling Relationship

Sometimes we just don’t get along with our siblings. However, the bickering and wrestling gets old after a while and we want to make peace with our brothers and sisters. Here are some activities you can do with your siblings to create a more positive relationship.

Be on the Same Team

Have a family games night with parents against kids. You will have to work together if you want to win (or at least move a few spaces). If games aren’t your thing, play touch football or another teams-based activity where you and your sibling can be on each other’s side.

Family Playing Boardgames - Teen Rehab

Photo by Pip R. Lagenta

Swap Places

Siblings often have very different interests and a good way to get to know your sibling better and grow an appreciation for their passions is to participate in them. If your brother plays guitar, ask him to teach your some chords and work your way up to learning a song. If your sister is on a softball team, play catch in the backyard.

Guy Playing Guitar - Teen Rehab Photo by simon_music

Creative Forces

Combine your talents and collaborate on a project together. For instance, you and your sibling can create homemade gifts for your parents during the holidays, for their birthdays or their anniversary. Using your individual talents will increase your respect for each other and your parents will be so happy to see you working together.

Gift Wrapped - Teen Rehab Photo by erika g.

Be Positive

No matter what you’re doing—even if it’s just sitting at home together watching TV—be positive. The more positive you are, the more positive your sibling will be and your relationship dynamic will start to shift slowly over time.


Feature Image: by cherylholt