8 Simple Tips to Start the New Year Positively

“Resolution” can be a scary word—it comes with a set of expectations and a fear of failure that could paralyze instead of inspire. This year, focus on the little things you can do to set yourself on the right path for 2016!

Remember the Good Times

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Think about all of the positive things that happened in your life over the past year. Congratulate yourself on the small victories, laugh at the memories of good times you shared and remember the adventures you had with the people you love.

Organize Your Space

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Start your spring cleaning early and organize the space around you. Get rid of clutter and donate any items you do not need anymore. Bringing some order to your outer world will have a positive effect on your inner self.

Cleanse Your Social Media

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Update your various accounts with new information. Think about which people you still want to connect with online and delete anyone who you no longer want in your network. Don’t be afraid to take apps off your devices entirely if you find them too distracting or stressful.

Forgive Yourself

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Give yourself a break. You’re only human, after all! Don’t get hung up on the mistakes you’ve made. There’s no use in dwelling on things we can no longer change, so learn from them and move on. The future is bright!

Treat Yourself

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Indulge in something you have wanted for a long time, whether that’s a new pair of shoes, an afternoon at the spa or a binge session of your favorite show on Netflix.

Cook a New Dish

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Try out a new recipe! Get creative in the kitchen and look for something healthy and delicious to set yourself in the right direction. Make something to share with friends or family so you can show off your new-found culinary skills.

Get a Planner

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There’s something about writing down goals, appointments and plans that helps us commit to spending time with friends and keeping resolutions. The New Year is a blank slate, so buy some blank pages to fill with new plans.

Give Back

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Nothing feels quite as good as doing things for others. Show gratitude for the people in your life and surprise them with acts of kindness. Volunteer in your community and practice being selfless. It will help you grow and improve your relationships with the people around you.

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