8 Easy Ways to Find Inspiration Everyday

It’s far too easy to get caught up in the mundane or grim aspects of the day-to-day. The world is brimming with beautiful and inspiring people, moments and things that make all the other stuff worthwhile. Unfortunately, we sometimes struggle to see the cloud’s silver lining, so here are a few tips for finding inspiration everyday.

Pick Up a Book

Photo by gpoo

In the age of Netflix, it can be difficult to make yourself sit down with a book and read for a couple of hours, but do it anyway. When you read, you stimulate your mind in a unique way; you exercise your brain and your imagination. When a good book grabs you and takes hold, it transports you to another place and time, requiring you to empathize with characters and exposing you to new ideas.

Go Outside

Photo by Doug Scortegagna

There are truly amazing sights to see just outside your door. Sun, rain, wind, snow—it doesn’t matter what the weather is like. If you get outside and really take a look around, you’re bound to be inspired. Start a garden and simply watch things grow. Literally, stop and smell a rose to remind yourself that nature is full of incredible beauty.

Listen to a Song

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Music is powerful. Listening to familiar, favorite songs has been linked to mood improvement and stress relief. Music can also soothe the soul and has been shown to reduce feelings of depression and help people to sleep.

Dance Around

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Take step three even further: get up, put on your favorite song of the moment and dance. Seriously, let yourself get carried away by the music, sink into the song and feel your body as it moves. “We’re not all dancers,” you might say—that’s a poor excuse. Give it a shot, push past feeling silly and really get into it. You will most definitely surprise yourself!

Talk to a Mentor

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This one doesn’t have to be as lofty as it sounds; a mentor is simply someone whose opinion and advice you both respect and trust. Sometimes you just need to reach out to your mom, your best friend, your grandpa or a favorite teacher. Whoever that person is for you, a simple conversation can give you the energy boost you need and the inspiration you’re looking for.


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We tend to wait for inspiration to start creating, but sometimes you just need to dive right in. If you’re good with words, jot down a few ideas, a few stanzas of a poem or a story. If you’re more of a visual person, break out the watercolors or set aside some time to sketch. If you like to put things together, get into a difficult puzzle or get your hands on some tools. Give yourself time and space to create and watch as the inspiration comes.

Get Cooking

Photo by Gavin Tapp

Don’t disregard the simple things when looking for inspiration. Dust off grandma’s cookbook and try out a recipe you’ve never cooked before. Get your hands on some fresh ingredients and take the time to craft yourself a complete meal. Life is busy and it’s easy to say ‘I’m too tired’ after work, but cooking has a therapeutic effect and is often a great way to unwind after a long day.

Go See Something Awesome

Photo by Steven Pisano

Some people prefer the theatre or the movies to a ballet or an art exhibition. Whatever your tastes, inspiration can be found in watching your fellow human beings do really cool things. Treat yourself to a night out and bask in others’ talents, while being mindful of your own.

Feature Image: Somuchtwosay