7 Ways to be Mindful Everyday

Our lives are hectic. In order to not get overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle, it’s important to take the time to slow down and think carefully about what we’re doing.

It is easy to get lost on a thought, especially when we’re living in such a fast-paced world. But being mindful isn’t impossible.

Teen Writing Journal - Teen RehabFocus on daily activities

Being mindful is something you can practice all day. Instead of rushing through menial, regular activities, focus on them and be mindful of what’s happening and how you’re feeling when accomplishing them.

Teen Meditating Sunset - Teen RehabFocus on your breathing

Our breathing patterns can tell us how we’re feeling depending on how fast, slow, shallow or deep they are. Listen to your breathing and try to regulate it with deep inhales and exhales if it feels or sounds irregular.

Breathing Patterns - Teen RehabDo one thing at a time

We all have busy days when we’re rushing to get things done, but focusing on one task at a time is healthier for our minds and productivity.

Teenage Focus - Teen RehabUnplug from technology

Putting down our phones and connecting with family and friends is one way to be mindful of the people around us and how we feel in their presence.

Unplug From Technology - Teen RehabAccept the moment

If you’re feeling sad, let yourself feel sad—mindfulness means accepting all things that come your way and finding a way to deal with them.

Accept The Moment - Teen Rehab

Feature Image: Jordan McQueen