7 Tips for Teen Wellness

Being a teenager is not always easy; there is pressure to do well in school and sports while maintaining a healthy social life. Enough sleep, positive relationships and attitudes, as well as regular exercise and educated choices, help teens make the right decisions for themselves. These 7 wellness tips for teens will help avoid negative consequences of teenage pressures, including depression and substance abuse.

Top 7 Tips for Teen Wellness

By Teen Rehab


Being a teenager is not always easy. Here are seven ways to take care of your health and well-being while hitting the books, fields and hangouts.

  • 1. Get Enough Sleep

    By Teen Rehab

    To make sure your teen is getting the recommended eight to 10 hours of sleep a night, create a bedtime routine to wind down and get their body in the habit of going to sleep at the same time every night.

  • 2. Stay Active

    By Teen Rehab

    Being a part of a sports group or team also creates friendships and improves self-esteem and body image issues, which many teens struggle with as their bodies mature and grow.

  • 3. Deal with Stress

    By Teen Rehab

    Being active, sleeping and eating well, talking about anxiety and making time to do enjoyable things are all ways to deal with stress and prevent anxiety from developing depression.

  • 4. Get Organized

    By Teen Rehab

    Staying organized is a great way to deal with stress. Help your teen keep a schedule, complete homework assignments and make time for all the important people in theirr life.

  • 5. Stand Up For Yourself

    By Teen Rehab

    Teens face some serious decisions, like deciding whether or not to try drugs or alcohol. Not giving in to peer pressure can improve self-esteem and help them deal with stress.

  • 6. Love Your Body

    By Teen Rehab

    Exercising, eating well, stopping negative thoughts and surrounding your teen with positive people can all help to improve confidence and body image.

  • 7. If They’re Having Sex, Make Sure It’s Safe

    By Teen Rehab

    If your teen decides to have sex, ensure they use some form of protection, such as condoms, to help prevent sexually transmitted infections or birth control to help prevent pregnancy.


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