7 Signs of Teen Dating Violence

Being in a relationship is exciting as a teen, especially when everything is new. The hazy cloud of new love can make it difficult to distinguish when your relationship isn’t as healthy as it should be. Often times, inappropriate or abusive behavior is misconstrued as “normal”.

Here are seven signs that yours or another’s relationship may be an abusive one.

  1. Your partner checks your phone messages, email or social networking sites without permission.
  2. Your partner is overly controlling by demanding what you wear, how you act and who you spend time with. An abusive partner might also insist you check in with them frequently and might need to know where you are at all times.
  3. An abusive individual might also pressure their partner sexually by insisting that they do things that they aren’t comfortable with—even if they have established a boundary.
  4. Failing to trust their partner or ignoring what he/she says can also be a sign of emotional abuse.
  5. Physical abuse is a clear sign of dating violence. This could include hitting, kicking, bruising, using a weapon or restraining, among other violent actions.
  6. A relationship where one person is threatening, insulting, humiliating, degrading, intimidating or stalking is also a sign of abuse.
  7. Another sign of an abusive relationship is if abuser won’t let the victim end the relationship. This could be through manipulation, coercion, deceit or threats.

girlImage Lauren Rushing

If you or someone you know is exhibiting signs of being in an abusive relationship, help them to seek support and guidance as soon as possible. Because abusers often use coercive and manipulative tactics, they might not realize that they are being abused. It is important to practice patience and understanding as you assist them.

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