6 Types of Forums for Parents Looking for Help


Being the parent of a struggling teenager can be extremely tough. It can be hard to know what to do or where to turn when you’re constantly worrying about your teen. Thankfully, there are plenty of online forums for parents dealing with specific issues. These forums are a safe place for parents to find support, advice and tips from other parents in similar situations who understand what you are going through.

Forums for Parents of Drug Addicts

If you’re struggling with parenting a drug addict, there are several forums you can visit for advice. DailyStrength has a Friends and Families of Addicts Support Group forum where people can give and receive advice about living with an addict. Learn2Cope is a private, peer-led online support group for families dealing with addiction and recovery.

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Forums for Single Parents

There are many messaging boards dedicated to supporting single parents. To participate in Single Family Voicesand Gingerbread, you’ll need to register before you can post, while the Netmums’ Single Parents Support forum allows single moms and dads to post anonymously.

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Forums for Parents of Children With Eating Disorders

If you’re looking to discuss the struggles of parenting a child with an eating disorder, forums such as Around the Dinner Table and the National Eating Disorders Association’s Parents of Sufferers forum can connect you with other parents in a similar situation.


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Forums for Parents of Children With Special Needs

For support and advice from other parents who have children with learning disorders, autism or other special needs, check out the Parents of Special Needs Children forum on Mumsnet or the Parents and Carers forum on Scope.


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Forums for Parents of Troubled Teens

If your teen is struggling with a mental illness or poor behavior and you need support, you can visit the Parenting Forum at PsychForums or the Parenting Teenagers forum at Mumsnet.

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Forums for Parents of Children Who Self-Harm

If your child has committed or is contemplating self-harm and you don’t know where to turn for advice, consider checking out the National Self Harm Network’s forum for Friends and Family. You’ll be able to share experiences and tips with other parents who are going through a similar experience.

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