6 Traits of Great Counsellors

Reaching out to others for support is an extremely important part of recovery. There are certain qualities that make someone an excellent shoulder to lean on, whether they’re professionals, family members or friends. Here are a few traits to look for in a person you would want to confide in.


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A great counsellor keeps your private conversations totally confidential. You feel like they’re being completely honest with you and you’re not afraid to tell them personal details like your feelings or health.

Strong Listener

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A lot of the time, talking to someone else helps you come to your own conclusions. An effective counsellor actively listens and responds to you with their body language, but also lets you do the majority of the talking. They guide you towards a solution that works for you instead of projecting emotions onto you that you may not actually feel.


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The ideal confidant is empathetic, not sympathetic. You want someone who identifies with what you’re saying and treats you as an equal. Pity should have nothing to do with it, nor should they be in a rush to pull you out of your current situation.


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When you’re sharing things that might be difficult for you, a great counselor will remain professional if you take long pauses to think, and they’ll offer a reassuring demeanor when you’re feeling a bit emotional. There’s no room in this relationship for awkwardness. When your counsellor is comfortable, you can feel more at ease too.


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It’s important to have someone who really believes in you and your ability to work through any issues. They’re hopeful that they can help you find the solutions you’re looking for and they won’t give up in their pursuit to help you do so.


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A great counsellor always keeps an open mind while they talk with you. They never shut down your ideas. Instead, they create a judgement-free zone where you’re safe to be yourself.

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