6 Habits of Positive People

While some days are downright difficult, there are many ways that we can choose positivity over its negative counterpart. Making a conscious effort to be positive can enrich our lives greatly, helping us to feel uplifted on a regular basis. If you’re wondering how you can develop these habits, here a few ideas to get you started.

1. Leave the Past Behind You

There are things that happen in our past—whether it was five minutes ago, last week or even last year—that can be difficult to let go of. Perhaps you feel wronged, embarrassed, sad or even overjoyed by these memories. While these incidents are significant and played a part in shaping who you are today, it’s important to use these to propel yourself forward, rather than to live in the past. Focus on today and on making new memories and this will boost your positivity. You’ve heard the phrase “live in the moment”—now’s the time to take this seriously.

2. Accept What You Cannot Change

There are some things in life we simply cannot control. Learning to accept these things is a helpful way to reduce your own stress, regret and anxiety. Instead, make a conscious effort to control your own actions and reactions. Choose to think through decisions mindfully, reminding yourself of what you are and are not able to control.

3. Build Healthy Relationships


Who you choose to be around affects who you are in significant ways. Choose to build strong relationships with people who bring positivity into your life. These people will appreciate who you are, value your opinions and feelings, challenge you and even make you laugh!

4. Don’t Be Controlled By Fear

While caution and thoughtfulness have their benefits, it’s just as important to not let fear of the unknown dominate our lives. Taking risks expands who we are; we learn how to handle challenges, how we interact with others and we even find new passions. Try doing something that might be out of your comfort zone once in a while and view any stumbles along the way as progress in shaping who you are, rather than a failure of who you are unable to become.

5. Be Grateful

Positivity is fuelled by gratefulness. Rather than focus on what you lack, find things, people or experiences in your daily life that you’re grateful for. Better yet, share these with someone! Let your friends know exactly why they are important to you and what makes them special. You just might spread some positivity into their life as well.

6. Be Kind to Yourself

Above all else, being kind to yourself helps you to feel more positive. It’s true that we are often our own harshest critic, but try to be kind to yourself and embrace who you are as a unique individual. Appreciate your gifts and talents and be confident in what you have to offer those around you. This will help you feel positively about yourself, allowing you to feel positively about the world around you.

Being positive doesn’t have to be difficult. Keep these simple tips in mind and remind yourself that you’re the key to your own happiness.

Photos: iswan nawi / Shutterstock, Jeremy Cai