Help Your Teen Deal With Bullying


For many teens, bullying is a daily experience. Bullying can be described as repeated and intentional behaviors of aggression, teasing or isolating by a group or an individual towards another person. The effects of bullying on your teen can include insecurity, physical pain, anxiety and depression. Here are some tips for helping and supporting your teen if they are being bullied.

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How to Help Your Teen Deal With Bullying

If your teen is being bullied, it’s important to provide them with support. Here are some tips for helping them out.

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1. Recognize the Signs of Bullying

The first way you can help your teen deal with bullying is to know how to recognize the signs that they are experiencing it. At times it can be difficult for teens to share that they are being picked on so it can be helpful if you approach them first.

2. Don’t Minimize Their Feelings

Be careful not to minimize your child’s feelings by downplaying their situation. Keep in mind that bullying can be serious and can take a toll on your teen’s wellbeing.

3. Don’t Take Over

As a parent it might be tempting to want to take over and fix everything when your teen is struggling. This can disempower your child so instead, be sure to listen and ask them what would be most helpful for them. Support your teen in handling the situation so that they can learn how to deal with similar circumstances in the future.

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4. Let Them Know It’s Ok to Tell

When peer pressured, teens may feel that they are “tattling” or “ratting someone out” which can cause them to feel isolated. It’s important that your teen understands it’s okay to tell someone that they are being bullied.

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5. Encourage Them to Find Support

While you can and should be a support for your teen, you can’t always be physically present for them. Instead, encourage them to ask for support from friends, teachers or mentors who can boost their confidence and give them a hand when you’re not around.

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