5 Ways to Tell Your Teen is Stressed

Teens lead busy lives, but it’s not always apparent when they’re feeling stressed out. Some teens are more open about sharing their feelings, while others keep their anxieties to themselves or fight their way through the tough times. Here are some ways to tell if your teen is feeling extra pressure.

Feeling Sick

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Stress can manifest as nausea in the body, especially in teens who aren’t always aware of the pressures and stressors in their lives. If your teen is continually complaining of an upset stomach but isn’t exhibiting any signs of the flu, there’s a good chance it may be stress.

Listen Hard

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Pay extra attention to what your teen is talks about—there may be signs in their topics of conversation that they’re stressed or worried about something. If they talk a lot about something indirectly, gently ask them about it and you may find some answers.

Ask for Help

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As a parent, you face a lot of stress in your own life, making it a lot of stress to handle when you pile your teen’s anxieties on top of your own. If you’re worried for your teen but are feeling overwhelmed with your own issues, don’t be afraid to ask for help—there are people who will be willing to help out your family.

Behavior Changes

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Your teen is likely to be moody, irritable and temperamental if they’re stressed. They’re likely to hole themselves up in their rooms and keep to themselves more than they normally do. If you’ve noticed your teen has been spending more time at home and is putting up a fight with you for no reason, they’re probably stressed.

Neglecting Responsibilities

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When we get stressed out, we sometimes find it easier to procrastinate or shove our responsibilities to the side, trying to ignore what is making us feel this way. If your teen is stressed about school, they may not be handing in assignments or studying for tests. Pay extra attention to see if their grades are slipping or if there are other responsibilities they’re neglecting.