5 Ways to Deal with a Troubled Teen

Parenting a teen is hard on its own without worrying about their impulsive behaviors, mood swings and failing grades. If you’re dealing with a troubled teen, here are five ways to handle them.

Warning Signs

Indicating potential signs of trouble is a good place to start. Take notice of your teen’s behavior and habits—such a change in social groups, slipping grades, impulsive behavior, failure to comply with rules or authority figures, violence, mood swings, and persistent sadness or depression.

Get Help

If you notice any of the aforementioned warning signs in your teen, consult help from a doctor, counsellor, addictions specialist or therapist to find the best treatment solution. You will need to talk to your teen about getting help at some point, so prepare yourself for the conversation, which may be emotional.

Doctor Looking At Patient Info - Teen RehabTake Care of Yourself

Dealing with a troubled teen is taxing, so make sure you are taking care of yourself, as well as your family. Find time every day to relax, especially if you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed; find a support group of loved ones, counsellors and support groups for parents; and watch for signs of anxiety and depression in your own behaviors and actions.

Older Adults Hanging Out - Teen RehabLove Your Child

Children need love from their parents, even if they have wandered down a dark path. While you may be feeling angry and disappointed in your teen and their recent choices, do not turn your back on them—they need you more now than ever.

Older Adults Hanging Out - Teen RehabThis Isn’t the End

You’re doing the right thing by loving your teen and seeking help. This is not the end and it won’t last forever. Remind yourself, and your teen, that everything will be okay and you are there to help them overcome their troubles.

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