5 Tips to Reduce the Stress of College Applications

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Deciding which colleges to apply to is stressful enough before even considering the application process. Here are some tips to reduce the stress brought on by college applications.

Get Organized

Write out the due dates for every piece you may need to submit with your application. Make sure you give yourself enough to time to complete all essays and fill out every form. Don’t forget to request transcripts or any other official documents well in advance.

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Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. College applications have a lot of requirements and if you’re applying to several schools, you will have a lot of forms to fill out. Ask a teacher or school counsellor to help you with your applications—there is likely a professional at your school trained to help with the process.

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Narrow Down the List

Be serious about which schools you would like to attend. Do your research on different schools and programs that interest you, and see if you can schedule a campus tour or meet with an admissions counsellor—in person or virtually. Knowing you’re applying to schools you really want to attend will help motivate you during the application process.

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Take Breaks

Applications are long and tedious, and it’s best to take breaks instead of trying to finish an application in one sitting. Rest your mind and get your body moving, even if it’s just a quick walk or a chat with your mom in the kitchen. Giving your mind a break from filling out forms will help you focus when you get back to the applications.

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Take Your Time

Admission essays need to be well thought out and considered. Don’t rush the process, no matter how badly you want it to be over. Run your ideas by a counsellor and have them read it over your application when you’re finished. When it comes to requesting recommendation letters, ask your references in advance. Anyone who agrees to write one for you is doing you a major favor, so give them at least one week’s notice.

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