5 Tips for Raising a Healthy Teen

Your teen’s health is important. You can help them by being supportive and being a role model, among others.

Show Your Love

Spend quality time with your teen, listen to them, respect their feelings and compliment them. If they seem uninterested in bonding, keep trying—simply spending time in the same room could encourage them to open up.


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Under Pressure

Teens are under a lot of pressure, and the less pressure they get from their parents, the better. It is one thing to be supportive, and another to wish them to be like you. Be respectful if they show interest in unique clothing, body art or any other form of self-expression.

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If You Break the Rules…

If your teen breaks the rules, they should face the consequences. Be consistent when handing out punishments and following rules, and try to remain as calm as possible.

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Be a Role Model

Believe it or not, teens look up to their parents as role models. Set a positive example for your teen so they have a good reference of how to behave properly.

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Be Firm but Reasonable

Parents need to be firm with their teens, especially when implying rules. But parents also need to be fair—ask your teen to help make the rules and keep communication lines open.

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