5 Small Acts of Kindness to Inspire You

We all know that it’s good to be kind to people, and certainly there are ways that we could sprinkle some extra kindness in our lives. Doing nice things for someone else helps us feel happier, inspires others to be kind and even improves our relationships. Even just a little bit of goodness goes a long way! Here are a few stories of small, meaningful acts of kindness to inspire you.

1. A New Mom on a Flight

Image Credit: Sean MacEntee

When Rebekka Garvison was stressed about flying on a plane with her baby, she was touched by the simple kindness of a stranger next to her. While her baby was crying, Nyfesha Miller, who was sitting next to Rebekka, asked if she could hold the child. Soon, the baby stopped crying and fell asleep in the stranger’s arms, giving Rebekka peace of mind and a peaceful flight. She was overwhelmed by this lady’s kindness and has shared this story with many.

2. What Goes Around Comes Around

Sometimes, kindness can truly ripple outwards — or even back to the individual doing the good deed! A waitress in New Jersey paid the bill for two firefighters she was serving after they spent the night working hard to contain a warehouse fire nearby. She left a kind note on their bill thanking them for their service and letting them know that their meal was on her.

But the story didn’t end there.The two firefighters were extremely touched by this woman’s sweet generosity and found out that her father was in need of wheelchair accessible van due to mobility issues. They drew attention to the cause using a GoFundMe campaign and helped the waitress raise over $38,000, long overreaching their goal of $17,000. It’s incredible to see how a simple act of kindness made such a significant impact.

3. Rescuing Ducklings

duck ducklings animals

Image Credit: Accretion Disc

Even animals need to be treated with kindness! For a little dose of cute and some inspiration to consider those around you who may need help, check out this video of a police officer rescuing some baby ducks who were caught in a drain.

4. Positive Post-It Notes

Bullying is hard, has lasting consequences and affects many children and teens. A group of students in Toronto chose to address bullying through random acts of kindness. They stuck encouraging Post-It Note messages like ‘you rock,’ ‘you’re amazing’ or ‘be beautiful,’ on their peers’ lockers throughout the school to lift spirits. The students receiving them were surprised and felt appreciated and valued for their unique worth. Even though it was a simple gesture, small acts like this can make a big difference in a young person’s life.

5. A Way to Get There

Image Credit: Claus Rebler

In Kansas City, a homeless man walked five hours every day to get from the church he slept in every night to his workplace. He knew he needed the job, so every day he walked despite it taking a ridiculous amount of time. One day, while taking a break from his journey, a police officer approached him and had a friendly chat. In an act of kindness that felt so simple for him but meant the world to his acquaintance, the officer bought the man a bicycle and a duffle bag to carry his belongings in. Now the man has a way to get to work, and way to move forward.

At the end of the day, something that seems so incredibly small, simple, obvious or straightforward to us can really make a huge difference in another’s life. Visit this site for some ideas on acts of kindness that you can sprinkle throughout your life and remember to appreciate the moments when others show kindness towards you.

Feature Image: SweetOnVeg