5 Foods That Can Make You More Anxious or Depressed

How we treat ourselves physically directly interacts with how we feel mentally. Although it’s important to get proper sleep and enough exercise, paying attention to the foods you eat also plays a huge role in your overall wellness. And if you are suffering from anxiety or depression, certain foods can even exacerbate your symptoms. Here are some foods that can make you feel more anxious or depressed.

1. Candy

Candy is generally high in sugar, which quickly enters our bloodstream and affects our mood. While for a short time we might feel energized and enthusiastic, the crash that comes from it leaving your body can leave you feeling exhausted and down.jelly-beansPhoto by Jonathan Assink

2. Caffeine

Many of us need our daily caffeine fix. Unfortunately, caffeine can actually exacerbate feelings of irritability, depression and anxiety. Caffeinated beverages reduce serotonin levels in the brain which can lead to feelings of depression. Furthermore, because caffeine interrupts sleep patterns, your fatigue can lead to increased feelings of anxiety and irritability.cappucinoPhoto by Leonard John Matthews

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows down the central nervous system. As a result, your thinking, understanding, reasoning and emotions all become clouded, leading to symptoms of depression being exacerbated.

beer-foamPhoto by Nicola since 1972

4. Highly Processed, Fatty Foods

Highly processed foods that are full of fats, sugars, hormones and additives definitely don’t help your mood. In fact, they can have a similar effect on your body as candy, leaving you feeling fatigued and depressed.

hamburgerPhoto by joo0ey

5. Salt

Having too much salt or sodium in your diet (which is, once again, often found in processed foods) can interrupt your neurological system. This can contribute to an ineffective immune system and feelings of depression.
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By the way, since this article focuses on foods that can make a person more depressed, it’s important also to know about foods and supplements that can have positive benefits on a teen’s state of mind.