5 Easy Ways for Teens to Stay Grounded

Our world is a fast-paced one; we’re supposed to know where we’re going and how to get there quickly. At the same time we should be learning, growing, exploring and trying new things constantly. Especially for teens, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or caught up in too many expectations all at once. However, there are simple and even fun ways to help your teen stay grounded throughout the chaos of adolescence. Here are five of them.

Join a Sport or Group Activity

An excellent way to feel grounded is to develop a sense of purpose and belonging. Joining a team sport or a group activity such as theater, dance or volunteering can accomplish this aim. Not only will your teen have the chance to interact with peers, but they’ll have the opportunity to work with others towards common goals.

Develop Strong Friendships

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Supporting your teen in developing strong, lasting friendships is a very important and beneficial way for them to feel grounded. Even when school gets stressful and they’re not sure what to do about their future, they know their friends are there for a good laugh or some thoughtful conversation. It can be easy for teens to focus on work and school, but encouraging them to invest in positive friendships can also help them feel more rooted.

Strengthen Family Bonds

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Another source of meaningful, grounding relationships can be found right at home. Having strong family bonds can help your teen feel stable. Regular family meals are important for spending time together and checking in with everyone, as are family traditions. Even when your teen is facing a stressful phase of life, their family can help them feel supported and loved.


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Sitting still and not doing anything might not be your teen’s first idea of a good time. But meditation is actually so much more than that. It can have significant, lasting benefits such as reducing stress levels and feeling more grounded and connected to the body. There are many ways to start meditation. YouTube, mobile apps, websites, books and even community center classes can all introduce your teen to the basics of meditation. Once they become familiar with the technique, it can actually take only a few minutes of their day to meditate.

Write Down Goals

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Of course, part of the purpose of remaining grounded for your teen is so they don’t feel too sidetracked from their goals. Therefore, one simple way to stay connected to those dreams and ambitions is to write them down. Encourage your teen to put them in a prominent place—by their bed, at their desk, on their mirror or as their computer home screen. Help your teen keep their goals in mind, break them down and celebrate their successes. Not only will this help them stay rooted, but it will also help them to continue moving forward in a positive way.

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